3 Good Reasons to Invest in Your Home’s Ductwork

Framed home installation of air conditioner and heating ductwork in ceiling a new home HVAC

3 Good Reasons to Invest in Your Home’s Ductwork

Whether your HVAC system was installed three decades ago or three years ago, one thing is clear. There’s no substitute for a periodic checkup and regular maintenance. There’s also no sensible alternative to keeping your home’s ductwork clean. For the purpose of safeguarding your family’s health and saving you some money, our team at Upland Servicing has listed three reasons why it’s necessary to invest in your ductwork. We think you’ll be interested.

Improving the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

The air handler and components that make up an HVAC system are crucial to the process of clean air circulation inside your residence. While the furnace and the AC are at the heart of your home’s climate control, the air ducts are like arteries and veins. Without air ducts in place, the distribution of conditioned air around your living spaces is impossible. When the air ducts are dirty, there will be a number of issues with the HVAC system, such as:

  • Poor performance
  • Wasted energy consumption
  • Overheating of various components
  • Excessive wear and tear causing breakdowns

Dirty air ducts impact your utility bill as much as inefficient appliances. While the air filter can stop larger particles from entering the air ducts, smaller ones can still get through and collect on the inside surfaces. This can result in up to 40% of the energy you pay for being wasted, thus straining the system and shortening its lifespan. The solution is to change your air filter every three months and have your ductwork cleaned by our team at Upland Servicing once in a while.

Avoiding Pest Infestations

When you have a pest infestation, you’ll see your home insulation ripped apart, electrical wires chewed and wood materials destroyed. Rodents and insects can wreak havoc inside your home in Joplin, MO, and the first place they like to seek shelter is in your ductwork. Since ducts are dark and inaccessible, a pest infestation usually goes unnoticed unless the system produces noises or odors or it fails to produce sufficient airflow through the registers and vents. Cleaning the ductwork as well as repairing and sealing any damage caused by the pests is essential if you want to return the system to its normal state.

Eliminating Allergens

Allergens, such as pet dander, bacteria, mold and microbial growth are some of the major causes of respiratory issues here in Joplin. Investing in ductwork cleaning can not only help reduce these allergens but also prevent them from recurring. When you clean your ductwork, you eliminate allergy-causing elements. Healthy, conditioned air can now flow through without straining the system.

The ductwork needs to be cleaned by an experienced technician who knows how to handle it without ruining its integrity and how to restore that integrity if repairs are in order. If you notice dust or particles floating around your house in Joplin when you turn on your HVAC system, it’s time to call and speak to one of our technicians at Upland Servicing.