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A Nich
A Nich
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" These guys are great! We live in a home from a builder that tends to have an abundance of issues 😉 Zach came out after normal business hours because he knew we worked and couldn’t get off. He was fantastic and knowledgeable and so kind. Would recommend this company to anyone!"
Kortni Johnson
Kortni Johnson
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" I am absolutely blown away by your services. What a wonderful experience from start to finish! They showed up on time and were so quick and professional. I have a feeling we will be using you guys for several more projects. Thank you!"
Shellie Nevills
Shellie Nevills
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" Nothing but great things to say!! They did a wonderful job!! They were very nice and took pride with what they were doing to make sure it was done right! Very happy with the price as well and highly recommend!! "
Cindy McDonald
Cindy McDonald
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" My water heater failed New Years Day and I was very happy this business was open the following day (federal holiday). Keith came out the same afternoon to check the unit and was able to schedule the replacement install the following day. Scott came with a new unit and quickly had everything up and running. Everyone was very professional and clearly communicated each step."
Jeff M
Jeff M
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" Keith and Bryce were great, very professional and punctual, did great work. Scheduling was so easy and everyone I interacted with were so friendly. Will definitely be using Upland for all of my house repair needs going forward!"


Furnace Repair in Joplin

Welcome to Upland Servicing, where we take pride in being the top-notch specialists for furnace and heating repair in Joplin. Rest assured that we possess the expertise and know-how required to swiftly and effectively restore your furnace or heating system to its optimal condition. Trust our team of licensed and certified HVAC technicians to skillfully diagnose and repair any furnace or heating system issue you may be experiencing.

Experience the convenience of our speedy and dependable Joplin heating repair that will have your furnace up and running in a jiffy. Give us a call at (417) 345-3192 to schedule your repair and let us help you restore your heating system to its optimal working condition!

7 Signs You Need Furnace Repair

As temperatures start to drop, it’s important to make sure that your furnace is running properly. Upland Servicing provides furnace repair in Joplin to help keep your home warm and comfortable. Here are seven signs that you may need furnace repair:

A properly functioning furnace should run relatively quietly. If you hear any loud or strange noises coming from the furnace, this could be a sign that something is wrong and you should schedule a Joplin furnace repair.
If you’ve set your thermostat to the desired temperature, but your home isn’t heating up, this could mean that your furnace isn’t working properly.
If your furnace is running more than normal and cycling on and off frequently, this could indicate that your system isn’t working as efficiently as it should.
The flame in your furnace should be mostly blue. If the flame is yellow or orange, this could indicate a potential carbon monoxide leak and should be addressed immediately.
If you’ve seen an unexpected increase in your energy bill, this could mean that your furnace is working too hard and needs to be repaired.
If you’ve noticed an increase in dust in your home, this could be a sign that your furnace is not filtering out dust properly.
Furnaces typically last between 15 and 20 years. If your furnace is older than 15, it may be time to look into getting a new, more energy efficient system.
If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s important to schedule an appointment with Upland Servicing for furnace repair in Joplin. Our experienced technicians can quickly diagnose the problem and provide a cost-effective solution. Contact us today to schedule your repair and keep your home warm and comfortable!

Call Us At The First Sign Of A Problem

When the weather begins to cool down, it’s important to make sure your furnace or heating system is in good working order. Upland Servicing offers reliable and efficient heating repair in Joplin to help keep your family warm and comfortable throughout the cold months, so you can stay happy and healthy!

Our technicians are trained to diagnose and repair all makes and models of heating systems. We understand how important it is to have a functioning furnace or heating system, which is why we strive to provide fast and reliable service.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to get heating repair as soon as you notice an issue:

If you’re having issues with your furnace or heating system, call Upland Servicing today to schedule your Joplin heating repair.

Contact our team today for professional Furnace Repair in Joplin, MO today: (417) 345-3192!

There is no better time to call Upland Servicing for HVAC services than right now: (417) 345-3192!

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