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A Nich
A Nich
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" These guys are great! We live in a home from a builder that tends to have an abundance of issues 😉 Zach came out after normal business hours because he knew we worked and couldn’t get off. He was fantastic and knowledgeable and so kind. Would recommend this company to anyone!"
Kortni Johnson
Kortni Johnson
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" I am absolutely blown away by your services. What a wonderful experience from start to finish! They showed up on time and were so quick and professional. I have a feeling we will be using you guys for several more projects. Thank you!"
Shellie Nevills
Shellie Nevills
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" Nothing but great things to say!! They did a wonderful job!! They were very nice and took pride with what they were doing to make sure it was done right! Very happy with the price as well and highly recommend!! "
Cindy McDonald
Cindy McDonald
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" My water heater failed New Years Day and I was very happy this business was open the following day (federal holiday). Keith came out the same afternoon to check the unit and was able to schedule the replacement install the following day. Scott came with a new unit and quickly had everything up and running. Everyone was very professional and clearly communicated each step."
Jeff M
Jeff M
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" Keith and Bryce were great, very professional and punctual, did great work. Scheduling was so easy and everyone I interacted with were so friendly. Will definitely be using Upland for all of my house repair needs going forward!"

Repiping in Joplin, MO

Years ago, Upland Servicing was founded with a singular goal in mind: to provide world-class plumbing services with a hometown feel to the residents of Joplin, MO and the surrounding areas. Over the years, we’ve managed to grow our business and expand our list of services while still keeping that goal at the forefront of everything we do. Included in that updated list of services that we offer is repiping in Joplin, MO. There are times where a plumbing system has become so damaged that the best way to handle the issue is to install new pipes throughout the home. That’s where we come in. Follow the lead of all the other customers who have chosen us and trust us with all of your repiping needs.

Common Issues With Plumbing Pipes

You probably don’t think much about your plumbing pipes until something goes wrong. They’re sort of the unsung hero of your home’s plumbing system. They’re responsible for carrying water to your appliances, such as your dishwater, while also carrying wastewater and other materials away. However, there are several threats to these pipes.

Most notably, any of the pipes that carry water and other substances from your home to your septic tank or local water treatment plant are prone to clogs. Over time, these clogs can grow and create a true plumbing emergency. Clogs that grow too large can actually cause pipes to burst or become disconnected, depending on their location. Also, depending on the severity of the break, it’s entirely possible that you may be able to opt for pipe repair in Joplin, MO. However, if the damage is more widespread, repiping is often your best option.

It’s also worth noting that some types of pipes are simply outdated. For example, decades ago, it wasn’t uncommon to have pipes that were made of copper. Over the years, this copper can begin to erode, creating foul-smelling, discolored water that is unpleasant to drink and can damage your hair, skin, and laundry. If you own an older home that still has the original pipes, it may be time to consider pipe replacement in Joplin, MO.


Contact Upland Servicing now at (417) 345-3192 for repiping in Joplin, MO!

Signs It’s Time to Repipe Your Home

How can you know whether or not it’s time to repipe your home? First of all, if you still have copper pipes that were installed decades ago, it’s certainly something worth considering. Even if you aren’t dealing with frequent clogs, there’s a good chance that the copper will begin to erode into your water soon. 

Additionally, lack of water pressure, dirty and stinky water, and other common plumbing issues are often indicative of a problem with your pipes. If pipes are breaking down or have become loosely connected, you will notice a sharp decline in water pressure. 

You can also look at your monthly water bill to get a good idea about the health of your current plumbing system. If there are leaks in your pipes, you will notice a sharp increase in your monthly water bills because water is leaking. Other signs of leaks include the presence of puddles or wet spots on your floors, walls, or ceiling.

What to Expect During Repiping

Before you schedule a repiping visit, we want to make sure that you know what to expect. First of all, the amount of time needed to complete the job will depend on the size of your home. In many cases, we are able to get the job done in a day. Larger homes can take multiple days. 

Once the process begins, you will have to turn the main water source to your home off. We will also put tarps and other covers around your home to protect your walls, floors, and furniture. It’s important to note that depending on the layout of your plumbing, we may have to cut into your drywall, floors, or ceilings. However, you can rest assured that we will get everything cleaned up and put back together before we leave your home.

Contact your local service specialists today at upland servicing for professional repiping in Joplin, MO: (417) 345-3192 !

Why Customers Continue to Choose Us

Over the years, we have performed pipe replacement services on countless homes in the area. Why do customers continue to trust us? Because they know they’re going to receive unrivaled service at a fair price. They also know that our job isn’t finished until they are 100% satisfied with the performance. Call Upland Servicing today at (417) 345-3192 to find out for yourself why we are the best repiping company in the area.

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