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Brandon Jenson
Brandon Jenson
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" Reliable Electrical Services came out for an inspection and was able to quickly diagnose my issue and get it resolved in no time! I'm grateful they picked up the phone when they called and was pleased with their professionalism."
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith
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" I was surprised with how quickly my technician came out and how fast he was able to fix my circuit breaker. I'm just so glad that my power is back on and I have nothing to worry about. Thanks Reliable Electrical Services! "
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams
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" When I called Reliable Electrical Services after my power went out I wasn't sure what to expect. However after they came out and fixed the issue I was very satisfied with the level of professionalism they held while fixing my power outage. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone. "
Elaine Garcia
Elaine Garcia
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" Honestly I was so over having to tolerate my outlets and switches not working when I used them. Thankfully when I called Reliable they answered right away and came out to my home no problem. They got the job done and I was very happy with my service. "
Jack Miller
Jack Miller
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" When I needed an electrician it didn't seem like anybody was available let alone return my call. I was relieved when Reliable Electrical Services picked up the phone call and was able to make it out to my home same day. Not only did they get the job done, they were very professional and worked in a timely manner. I will definitely call them next time I need an electrician. "

Solar Installation in Joplin, MO

Install solar panels on your home and generate your own renewable energy for immediate and long-term financial gains. If you are looking for Solar Panel Installation in Joplin, look no further! Upland Servicing can help make all your vision come to life.

Residential solar panels are gaining popularity in the United States at a record pace. It’s projected that the United States will see a major increase in solar power capacity in the near future, thanks to ample sunlight and lower pricing for solar panels.

What Should I Consider Before Getting Solar Panels?

What Are The Benefits of Solar Panels?

Solar Panel Installation in Joplin can be very beneficial in multiple ways, starting with taking care of the environment and ending with taking care of your bills. Upland Servicing offers a wide range of home services, and Solar Installation in Joplin is one of our favorites, because of just how much it helps our clients.



The Savings Are Major

Annual energy costs can reach tens of thousands. The average yearly energy expenditure can be over $3,000. After installing solar panels, these costs can be decreased or eliminated. Solar energy promises long-term savings because it’s free!

Solar panels also increase a roof’s life by blocking rain, snow, and debris. The panels absorb the sun’s heat instead of reflecting it on the roof, lowering the house’s temperature. Solar panels produce more power on sunny days, but they can still draw power when the sky is cloudy. Even if it’s gloomy, the sun will power your home. Cloudy days provide only 10% to 20% less power than sunny days.

In addition, solar panels increase your home’s value. Studies show that homeowners gain over $5,000 per installed kilowatt. A 3.1-kW solar panel installation can add a whopping $18,000 to your home’s worth.

The Environment Will Thank You

Clean solar energy is collected by solar power systems. Installing solar panels on your roof can help fight global warming. Traditional energy sources include coal and natural gas. When fossil fuels are burned to generate energy, harmful gasses are released. These pollutants contribute to air pollution and global warming. Because of their environmental impact and scarcity, fossil fuels are unsustainable. The price fluctuates and can unexpectedly rise. The production of fossil fuels pollutes the environment and consumes a lot of water. Solar energy is environmentally friendly because it does not pollute or stress water supplies.

This also benefits people’s health. Pollution from coal and natural gas plants harms human health. Solar energy can reduce premature mortality and health care costs. Beyond that, solar energy is not water-dependent. Water is used to keep coal, gas, and nuclear power plants cool. Heat waves and droughts may endanger power generation, which is avoided by utilizing solar energy.

Get Big Tax Credits and Rebates Just By Going Solar

Solar panels will actually make money for you. When you submit your taxes, you will be able to claim a federal income tax credit equal to 30% of the entire system costs, which includes both equipment and installation.

The overall cost might be halved by utilizing this along with state and municipal incentives and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). SRECs can be generated all year long and sold to utilities for a profit, making the initial investment more than worthwhile. Solar tax credits may be available to you no matter where you live.

Make the most of these opportunities while you can by calling Upland Servicing for Solar Panel Installation in Joplin! Call us today at 417-345-3192!

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