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A Nich
A Nich
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" These guys are great! We live in a home from a builder that tends to have an abundance of issues 😉 Zach came out after normal business hours because he knew we worked and couldn’t get off. He was fantastic and knowledgeable and so kind. Would recommend this company to anyone!"
Kortni Johnson
Kortni Johnson
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" I am absolutely blown away by your services. What a wonderful experience from start to finish! They showed up on time and were so quick and professional. I have a feeling we will be using you guys for several more projects. Thank you!"
Shellie Nevills
Shellie Nevills
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" Nothing but great things to say!! They did a wonderful job!! They were very nice and took pride with what they were doing to make sure it was done right! Very happy with the price as well and highly recommend!! "
Cindy McDonald
Cindy McDonald
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" My water heater failed New Years Day and I was very happy this business was open the following day (federal holiday). Keith came out the same afternoon to check the unit and was able to schedule the replacement install the following day. Scott came with a new unit and quickly had everything up and running. Everyone was very professional and clearly communicated each step."
Jeff M
Jeff M
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" Keith and Bryce were great, very professional and punctual, did great work. Scheduling was so easy and everyone I interacted with were so friendly. Will definitely be using Upland for all of my house repair needs going forward!"


Do you need some HVAC work done for your home? Perhaps you need to install a brand new heating unit. Or, maybe your air conditioning isn’t working right, and so you need a professional who can handle repairs. Maybe you just want to make sure that your HVAC system continues working properly for years to come. If you’re looking for an HVAC contractor near Joplin, MO, then get in touch with Upland Servicing by calling (417) 345-3192. We can address a wide range of HVAC needs, and will always go the extra mile in order to give you the service you deserve.


We offer a comprehensive range of cooling services to help keep your Joplin home comfortable. Our most commonly requested services include AC repair, replacement, and installation. We also provide maintenance, duct cleaning, and air handling services to ensure clean and healthy indoor air. We are dedicated to providing dependable and cost-effective solutions to all of our customers.

Upland Servicing has the tools and expertise to get the job done right, from energy efficiency upgrades to indoor air quality solutions. Our HVAC technicians also provide services for cooling towers, ventilation, VRF systems, chillers, rooftop units, and more.


To make sure you stay toasty and warm in the cold winter months, Upland Servicing provides many heating services for your convenience. Our clients frequently request our services for furnace repair, replacement, and installation. We also provide preventive maintenance, energy-saving tips, and other services such as radiant heating and geothermal heat pumps. Upland Servicing will assist you in remaining comfortable and safe in your home throughout the winter!


Joplin, MO’s climate can be unpredictable and extreme, making quality HVAC services in Joplin an absolute must for keeping your home or business comfortable and secure. With the correct HVAC services from Upland Servicing, you’ll be able to regulate the temperature inside your building while protecting family members and belongings from external elements. With reliable HVAC systems in place, you’ll have no worries about keeping up with seasonal temperature swings or high humidity levels.

Our common HVAC services in Joplin, MO include repairs, maintenance and installation. If your current system isn’t functioning optimally, our professional technicians can diagnose and resolve the problem promptly and effectively. We also provide routine maintenance to keep your equipment running optimally and prevent future issues. Moreover, if necessary, we may install a new system as well!

Additionally, having quality HVAC services in Joplin, MO can help you save money on energy bills. A well-maintained system will be more energy-efficient and use less power resulting in lower utility bills. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be picking up the phone to dial us today!


Contact our team today for professional HVAC services in Joplin, MO today: (417) 345-3192!


Along with keeping your home cozy and comfortable, maintaining high-quality HVAC services in Joplin, MO is essential for improving air quality. Properly functioning HVAC systems filter out everything from:
If you want to keep your home or business’ air quality at a high standard, contacting Upland Servicing for our HVAC services in Joplin is a must. Overall, having quality HVAC services in Joplin, MO are essential for creating a comfortable and secure atmosphere. Our professional HVAC technicians can guarantee your system runs optimally and efficiently, filter out air particles, and reduce energy costs.

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Our HVAC contractors are ready and equipped to handle any type of HVAC service you require. We are proud to serve our Greater Joplin community with excellence. We proudly service the following cities:

There is no better time to call Upland Servicing for HVAC services than right now: (417) 345-3192!

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