5 Ways to Save Money on Furnace Repairs

Handyman replaces furnace filter

5 Ways to Save Money on Furnace Repairs

Each furnace repair typically costs hundreds of dollars, which can add up over the lifespan of the appliance. Knowing what steps to take to save money on fixes can leave that money in your bank account while you do whatever is necessary to keep the appliance working properly as long as possible. These five tips are effective ways to save money on furnace repairs.

1. Choose a Qualified Professional

Choosing an HVAC contractor without the right qualifications can do more harm than good. It could bring you significant stress and frustration, especially if the furnace “repair” they did only worsened the situation. You then have to schedule a do-over with that company, and hoping they’ll do it right this time, or have to call another business and pay for another repair. Avoid these hassles by reading reviews, checking credentials, and asking enough questions to make sure you’re dealing with a qualified professional from the start.

2. Avoid Emergency Repairs

There are a couple of ways to avoid emergency repairs, which typically cost more than standard appointments. Emergency furnace situations can pop up at any time, but you’ll typically get early indications that something isn’t right with the appliance. For example, it make start making a banging noise. Don’t let your furnace continue to run knowing that there’s clearly a problem.

Another way to avoid emergency repair furnace costs is to avoid a visit during off hours if it’s not actually an emergency. For example, a rotten eggs smell is definitely considered an emergency, while a knocking noise typically means a component is loose, and a standard appointment would usually suffice.

If you’re unsure what constitutes an emergency vs. non-emergency appointment, call the company to ask what category yours falls into. They can advise you based on either what they hear from your furnace over the phone or what you tell them.

3. Don’t Put Off Necessary Repairs

Never postpone necessary furnace repairs. Putting off repairs puts the appliance at risk of having a full breakdown and requiring a replacement. Delaying necessary fixes also means you may need to call for an emergency repair if the situation gets worse.

4. Don’t Do DIY Fixes

If your furnace needs an obvious repair, don’t try to go about it on your own. You may think a DIY job will save you some money, but if it’s not done properly, you may have a pay a lot more to have an HVAC professional come in to fix the initial issue plus anything you did that made it worse.

5. Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Scheduling a preventive maintenance appointment twice a year lets you save money by making expensive furnace repairs unnecessary. A qualified HVAC professional can assess the system, make any minor adjustments, and inform you of the proper next steps.

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