Cleaning Your Furnace to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Technician looking over gas furnace

Cleaning Your Furnace to Improve Indoor Air Quality

When spring arrives, it brings a sense of renewal and cleanliness. While many homeowners focus on decluttering closets or deep-cleaning kitchens, few ever consider cleaning the furnace. Spring cleaning your furnace is important for maintaining healthy indoor air quality and making sure the air in your home is truly fresh. This article will guide you through the benefits and steps of giving your furnace a spring refresh.

Why Clean Your Furnace?

The furnace in your home works hard during the colder months to circulate warm air to keep everyone who lives there cozy. However, this process can also circulate dust, allergens and other airborne particles. Over time, these can build up in your furnace and ducts, reduce your indoor air quality and potentially cause health issues like allergies or respiratory problems. Cleaning your furnace in spring helps remove these indoor pollutants.

Benefits of a Clean Furnace

Cleaning your furnace not only improves air quality, but it also enhances the efficiency of your furnace and enables it to last longer. A clean furnace runs more smoothly, which can reduce energy bills and prevent costly repairs down the line. Additionally, by removing dust and debris, you reduce the risk of fire hazards, making your home safer.

Steps to Spring Clean Your Furnace

Spring cleaning your furnace may seem daunting, but here are some simple steps you can follow to make the process easier.

Inspect and Replace the Filter

The furnace filter traps dust and particles to prevent them from circulating throughout your home. Check your filter every spring, and replace it if it is dirty. A clean filter is crucial for maintaining good air quality and furnace efficiency. As a rule of thumb, experts recommend changing your filter at least once each season or more often, depending on how many people and animals live in your home.

Check the Ducts

Duct cleaning is not a task you can perform yourself because it often requires professional equipment. However, you can inspect your ducts for obvious dust buildups and blockages. If you notice significant dust or mold growth, it might be time to call in a duct-cleaning professional.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

For a thorough cleaning and to ensure your furnace operates at peak efficiency, schedule a professional maintenance service call. A trained technician can perform a more in-depth cleaning, inspect for wear and tear and make necessary adjustments or repairs.

Keep the Area Around the Furnace Clear

Finally, make sure the area around your furnace is clean and clear of items in storage. This not only improves airflow but also reduces fire risk. You need to leave 3 feet of space around all sides of your furnace.

This spring, as you tackle cleaning tasks around your home, don’t overlook the importance of giving your furnace the attention it deserves. A clean furnace leads to clean air, and clean air makes for a cheerful home. Contact Upland Services for furnace repair and maintenance services in Joplin, MO today.