Follow These Tips for Extending the Life Span of Your AC

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Follow These Tips for Extending the Life Span of Your AC

Air conditioners don’t last forever. However, with the right care, they can last past their life expectancy. Try these four tips for extending the life span of your AC.

1. Insulate Your Home

You want to insulate your home as well as you can to ensure that the inside air remains inside and the outside air can’t enter. There are numerous ways to insulate your home. You can start by having insulation installed inside of the ceilings and walls. You can also upgrade to doors and windows with tight seals or apply weatherstripping to close the gaps. Finally, you can install thick blinds to keep the UV rays and heat out in the summer.

A well-insulated home will cool down faster than a home with poor insulation. The AC also won’t have to work so hard, allowing it to last longer.

2. Invest in an AC With a Long Life Expectancy

When it’s time to upgrade your air conditioner, you’ll find that the units with higher life expectancies tend to cost more. While more expensive up front, it can be well worth the cost as you won’t have to buy a new one as soon. If you plan on staying in your home for the foreseeable future, it’s a no-brainer.

3. Use a Smart Programmable Thermostat

Temperature rise refers to the thermostat setting compared to the temperature outside. The greater the temperature rise, the harder the unit has to work. The harder a unit works, the quicker it deteriorates. Set your thermostat a couple of degrees higher to make a difference you’ll hardly notice comfort-wise but will definitely notice on your utility bill.

You don’t need to have your AC set at your preferred temperature when you’re not home. However, it can be difficult to remember to change the temperature every time you leave the house. A programmable smart thermostat will automate your preferences so you never have to worry about forgetting. You’ll also be able to receive alerts and control the HVAC system from anywhere.

4. Get Regular Preventative Maintenance

Your HVAC system collects dust and debris inside of it. When the debris accumulates inside of the unit, it can cause it to strain harder than necessary. You should clean the air filter regularly, but you should also get professional preventative maintenance at least once a year. An HVAC technician will inspect and clean the unit to help it run as efficiently as possible.

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