Spring Maintenance for an Efficient HVAC System

Technician cleaning air conditioner. Hand holding air conditioning filter

Spring Maintenance for an Efficient HVAC System

HVAC professionals say there are two times a year you should have your HVAC system checked. One time is the spring, in preparation for the cooling season, and the second time is the fall, in preparation for the heating season. These checks can help spot small problems that are easy and inexpensive to fix before they become large, expensive, and difficult. Here are some tasks to complete during the cooling season.

Change the Air Filters

You should be changing the air filters in your HVAC system on a regular basis anyway, but it’s especially important just before the cooling season begins. Air filters that aren’t changed or washed regularly will clog with dirt and dust and force your system to work harder than it should. This shortens its working life. Not only this, but dirty air filters allow pollutants to infiltrate the air in your home. If anyone in your household has allergies, this can make them that much worse.

Do an Overall HVAC Check

Before you really need your air conditioner, run it for a while. Be mindful of any strange noises such as rattles or shrieks, pools of water on the floor if you have an indoor unit, and unpleasant smells. Also notice whether the AC unit is cooling your home to a comfortable temperature. Make sure that ceiling and floor fans are running properly and that doors and windows don’t stick and are free of damage.

Adjust the Ceiling Fan

One thing you may overlook as part of your spring maintenance is your ceiling fan. Set the blades to run counterclockwise. This sets up a breeze in the room that keeps it cool and gives your air conditioner a bit of a break. To set your ceiling fan blades, find the lever just beneath the blades and push it up or down.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats go a long way toward cutting down on energy costs and prolonging the lifespan of your HVAC system. You can program one of these instruments to only run when someone is home or to maintain one temperature during the night, and then maintain another temperature when you and your family members are up and about. You can even install a thermostat that can be programmed remotely over your smartphone.

Clear Around the Condenser

Make sure that the area around your outdoor condenser is free of debris such as dead leaves, weeds, and trash. Debris can impede the air that needs to be pulled into the condenser. Poor airflow causes the condenser to be inefficient and makes it work harder than it needs to.

Learn More About HVAC Spring Maintenance

Another thing to do when it comes to HVAC spring maintenance is to call in professionals after you’ve completed the tasks you can do as a layperson. Professionals can access and evaluate parts of your system that you can’t and perform troubleshooting if necessary. Our HVAC professionals pride themselves on their skills and knowledge when it comes to making your home safe and comfortable during both the heating and cooling seasons. Don’t hesitate to call Upland Services in Joplin, Missouri for all of your HVAC needs.