When to Bring in the New Year With a New HVAC System

Air Conditioner system next to a home, modern clean with bushes and brick wall

When to Bring in the New Year With a New HVAC System

There are situations that warrant replacing your HVAC system. To know when your home’s HVAC system is nearing the end of its lifespan, watch for the following signs.

Your HVAC System Is Older Than 10 Years of Age

Even though HVAC systems are built to last as they contain durable components, the Department of Energy recommends replacing them after 10 years. After 10 years, HVAC systems begin to malfunction as parts start breaking down.

Your HVAC System Uses R-22

R-22 is a type of refrigerant that can no longer be made or imported into the United States because it is harmful to the environment. You can still purchase recycled R-22; however, the price will continue to increase. Newer systems use a newer type of refrigerant that is less harmful to the environment.

You Need Frequent Repairs

If you find that you need to repair your HVAC system frequently, you are better off replacing it. When you swap out your old system for an up-to-date model, you will enjoy significant savings because you will not constantly throw your money away on frequent repairs.

Saving on Energy Bills

Newer HVAC systems contain technology that makes them more energy efficient. If you find that your energy bills are undesirable, choose an HVAC system that is more efficient and effective at heating and cooling your home.

Your Air Quality Is Substandard

While changing your air filters monthly will improve air quality, especially if you have pets in the home, your home’s air quality will suffer when the integrity of your system starts to suffer. Mold and mildew will grow in your system, and this is a sign that there are bigger problems present and it’s likely time for a replacement.

Your HVAC System Makes Strange Noises and Produces Strange Smells

While your HVAC system will have a slight smell when it is burning dust, no other smells should be present. If you smell an odor like burning rubber or smoke, shut off your system and contact an HVAC technician immediately. Additionally, HVAC systems run quietly. If you hear a screeching or grinding noise, it’s time to see if a replacement is in order.

Failing to Maintain a Consistent Temperature

As your HVAC system ages, it will have difficulty keeping your home at a consistent temperature. At any given time, your home will end up being either too hot or too cold.

When you replace your HVAC system, you will start your year off making good health and comfort your top priorities. If you need an HVAC system replacement and reside in the greater Joplin, MO area, contact Upland Services.