7 Benefits of Having Your Drains Cleaned Before The Holidays

7 Benefits of Having Your Drains Cleaned Before The Holidays

When you’re trying to plan for the holidays, the last thing you probably want to do is add another task to your to-do list. However, scheduling (and keeping) a drain cleaning appointment should be one of the musts. Doing so has a surprising number of benefits that could add a little more peace to your holiday season.

1. It Allows for Peace of Mind

There are typically enough things to worry about during the holiday season without adding more – especially one that’s serious – to the list. Clogged drains can often lead to significant issues, like water backing up into your home. Get them cleaned, and chances are that issue (and many others) won’t be on your list of concerns.

2. You Won’t Have to Cancel Festivities

Toilets not working, water backing up, and insect infestations are only three of the reasons you might have to cancel holiday festivities at your home if your pipes get clogged. If you love hosting gatherings at your residence, cleaning your drains means you’ll likely be able to continue your beloved December tradition.

3. There Won’t Be Interference With Cooking

If you’ve ever tried to cook while contending with a sink that won’t seem to drain, you know how aggravating it can be. You then either have to deal with the mess, try to fix the problem yourself and hope you don’t exacerbate the issue, or call in professional plumbers and wait for them to come. Clean drains mean less risk of a disruptive clog that interrupts your cooking.

4. There Won’t Be Unpleasant Lingering Odors

Evergreen, cinnamon, and gingerbread are some of the most pleasant scents of the holidays. Mold and rotting food are not. Clogged drains can often cause disgusting odors to waft through your home, primarily where the clog is, and no amount of candles or deodorizers can cover it up.

5. Guests Won’t Go Into a Panic Trying to Flush Your Toilet

If you’ve ever flushed the toilet or used a sink and the water rises instead of going down, you know the instant rush of panic, especially when you’re in someone else’s home. Clogs can cause this very issue. Don’t let this be the experience of your guests.

6. It’s Less Money You Might Have to Spend

Fixing a problem is often more affordable than what it would have taken to prevent it in the first place. Drain cleaning is a much more budget-friendly option than cleaning up a mess if water backs up into your home. Save your money for gifts and holiday experiences instead of putting it toward cleanup.

7. Grease and Food Scraps Won’t Build Up

Cooking and eating are major parts of the holidays. However, grease and food scraps during this increased time of cooking and eating could worsen a clog, especially one that isn’t yet a major problem. Clean drains mean debris can go down easier through the pipes rather than adhering to an already existing mess.

Make sure this holiday season is one to remember for all the right reasons. Call Upland Servicing, Plumbing, Heating & Air in Joplin, Missouri, for effective and efficient drain cleaning services that can help prevent unnecessary plumbing disasters during December.