HVAC Tips: Save Time and Money With a Maintenance Plan

HVAC Tips: Save Time and Money With a Maintenance Plan

Like all other mechanical devices, an HVAC system inevitably wears out and breaks down. Regular maintenance to clean away dust and debris, replace one or more filters, lubricate moving parts, improve electrical and other connections, check for and repair or swap out damaged and defective parts, and confirm the proper functioning of the heating, cooling, and thermostat can’t prevent every breakdown. That said, maintenance at least two times per year can decrease the chance of one on a cold winter night or during a sweltering hot day.

This guide covers the top three common categories of HVAC problems that a plan for regular, twice-yearly maintenance protects against when chosen by homeowners.

Insufficient Air Filtration

Your HVAC system filters contaminants and particulates, such as dust, pollen, and mold spores, out of the air via air filters, intake vents, and ductwork. Dirty parts or leaks in the ducts make it difficult for the system to filter the air appropriately, which can exacerbate or cause health problems for you and your loved ones. A buildup of debris or leaks can also make it more difficult for the system to heat or cool your home. When this happens, you might notice less air flowing out of the vents or an inappropriate air temperature. A professional cleaning, inspection, and repair can prevent these problems.

Leaks and Water Damage

Regular maintenance can also prevent damage from water that leaks out of the unit because of holes, deteriorating metal, loose fittings, frozen coils, and condensate drainage problems. An HVAC technician knows the signs of a leak, how to quickly determine the cause, and one or more solutions. An unchecked leak can cause extensive property damage. Musty odors and standing water from a leaking HVAC unit also pose a foul-smelling health hazard because leaks provide bacteria, fungi, and insects with the perfect environment to colonize.

Reduced Efficiency and Higher Costs

Air filtration problems and moisture leaks can force the system to work harder to compensate. Associated inefficiency typically causes higher utility bills. Other types of HVAC efficiency issues that regular maintenance can catch include non-stop blower motor running and thermostat malfunctioning. These problems also increase costs because parts wear out faster when they work harder and overheat. Additionally, if the system shuts down suddenly, you must pay for an expensive emergency evaluation and repair solution.

Prevent Disruptions and Emergency Repairs

We offer our neighbors inexpensive residential and commercial maintenance plans to help them save time and money. A maintenance plan guarantees warranty coverage for some manufacturers, increases efficiency, extends the life of a system, and reduces costly energy usage and emergency calls.

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