Importance of Your Annual Furnace Maintenance Checklist

Importance of Your Annual Furnace Maintenance Checklist

Annual furnace maintenance is a preventive way to keep your home comfortable without needing repairs as often. There are many services on your furnace maintenance checklist. A checklist helps you check the same sections of your system each year.

Should You Maintain Your Furnace Annually?

Your furnace experiences wear and tear during the colder months, which stresses the components. Neglected furnaces often need more repairs in their lifetime and break down quicker without a maintenance checklist. The wear and tear can lower the ability and efficiency of your furnace even if you didn’t notice a change the prior year.

Annual Furnace Maintenance Saves You Money

Annual maintenance helps your furnace keep running smoothly and prevents minor issues from growing into major problems. Your furnace will use less energy to heat your home and save you money on your utility bill with preventive maintenance. Additionally, annual furnace maintenance keeps you under warranty, which saves you money on repairs.

Check the Heat Exchanger and Carbon Monoxide Detector

The heat exchanger transfers heated air from your combustion chamber to your vents. Wear and tear can cause cracks within the heat exchanger, which HVAC technicians can inspect. Your carbon monoxide detector checks for harmful gas but needs regular battery changes and inspections to continue working properly.

Clean Near the Outside Unit and the Burners

The outdoor units of your furnace bring outside air inside, but vegetation and debris can block the airflow. Remove debris such as branches, leaves, or snow from the surrounding space to allow airflow. The burners heat fuel and cool air but can accumulate dust and debris that may cause poor performance and even present a fire risk.

Change the Air Filter and Check the Fan

Changing your air filters is one of the few checklist items that need to be performed multiple times a year. Dust and debris buildup can lower indoor air quality, block airflow from the vents, and add stress to your furnace. Cleaning the fan can remove any debris that may lower its performance.

Seal Air Leaks and Check the Thermostat

Air leaks let warm air escape and cool air enter your home, which causes your furnace to work harder than necessary and costs you more money. Sealing air leaks makes your home more efficient and ensures that conditioned air is not wasted. Another important checklist task is ensuring that your thermostat has fresh batteries. You also want to have an HVAC professional calibrate your thermostat to ensure it’s giving accurate readings.

A checklist for annual maintenance can save you money and allow your furnace to last longer. Act fast when you notice an issue with your furnace. If you need a furnace repair in Joplin, MO, call us at Upland Services for an inspection today.