The Importance Of An AC Air Filter

The Importance Of An AC Air Filter

With the summer heat and humidity here for the duration, many homeowners notice a significant drop in their home’s air quality. It can be very shocking to learn that the air quality inside your home is exponentially worse than the outdoor air. But factors like cooking, cleaning products, asbestos, radon, VOCs, secondhand smoke, and carbon monoxide all begin to permeate the air inside homes. And when the weather is hot for an extended period of time, most homeowners fail to complete an air exchange or air out their homes. So everyone must know how to improve their home’s air quality in other ways.

Change Your Home’s AC Filter Regularly

Your HVAC systems air filter does an important job. It eliminates particles and contaminants from the air to protect the components in your AC system. But it also benefits you and your loved ones by providing filtration for the air you are breathing. Most filters recommend replacement every 30 to 90 days. But that can vary from home to home. It is best to inspect the filter monthly and replace it as needed. A clean, high-quality air filter will provide you with increased air quality in your home while also helping reduce chores like dusting furniture and dust mopping floors.

Work With Gravity

All of the dust and particulates in the air eventually end up on your home’s floors. You can take advantage of this and vacuum carpets and mop floors in the morning before everyone has stirred up any dust and particles that have settled to the floor overnight. If you wait until later in the day, pets, shoes, and air circulation will have lifted all of the dust and pet hair into the air. And unfortunately, when you get up the next day, the hard floor surfaces will again be coated in particles.

Exhaust Fans

The exhaust fan in your kitchen is designed to remove particles created when cooking and the humidity that comes from boiling water. It is also helpful to remove smoke and soot if you are burning candles or using a fireplace. The bathroom exhaust fan is essential for eliminating the excessive moisture that comes from a hot shower.

Your AC system works to balance the humidity in your home, but the added moisture from hot showers is beyond the capability of most units. Using the bathroom exhaust fan will help evacuate the moisture and prevent the growth of potentially harmful mold and mildew.

Vacuum Fabrics

When you think of vacuuming your home, the first thing that comes to mind is the carpet. But don’t forget that you have many, many square feet of fabric handing at the windows that could be holding onto a great deal of dust, dander, and pet fur. And the same is true for any furniture covered with fabric. A vacuum and or shop vac is ideal for removing any dust from these surfaces without damaging them.

A Word About Houseplants

Many homeowners believe that houseplants will provide an excellent service by cleaning the air. However, if the plants are in pots with soil, there is a significant potential for mildew, fungus, or other contaminants. And with any blooming flowers, you introduce pollen into the air in your home. So the negatives outweigh the potential positives if you are thinking about adding potted plants inside your home.

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