Signs You Should Be Scheduling A Furnace Tune-Up Very Soon

Signs You Should Be Scheduling A Furnace Tune-Up Very Soon

It is always good to be proactive and schedule a furnace tune-up before the cool weather arrives. But there are always some Joplin homeowners who are sure that they can get through another winter without paying for a service call from an HVAC professional. So they convince themselves that there is not any value in this kind of service.

But when fall turns into winter, those same people complain about odd occurrences and a lack of comfort in their homes. Hopefully, they will believe the warning signs that their furnace delivers to remind them that a professional tune-up is always a good investment. Some of the gentle hints include:

The Temperature In Your Home Is Not As Comfortable As Past Years

When you fire up the furnace for the first time each year, it is essential to pay attention to how it warms your home. Are there spaces that are getting too warm? Are there places that are never getting quite warm enough? Is the heating uneven or inconsistent throughout the house? All of these are tell-tale signs that something has changed, and it is time for a little TLC and a tune-up to ensure that your entire home is comfortable and cozy for the whole winter.

What Is All That Noise?

If you notice that your furnace is much louder than in years past, there is something wrong. It could be an issue with dirt and dust on the burner that is trapping gas before it can ignite, or you could have a loose motor mount or damaged fan that is a minor issue now but will turn into a costly repair when it shatters and damages other components. Likewise, anything you would describe as scraping, grinding, rattling, or squeaking is not normal but can be corrected with a cost-effective tune-up.

Your Furnace Is Short Cycling

Short cycling is when the furnace turns on and off constantly. As a result, it does not run a full cycle to heat air and warm our home. This is very hard on the furnace and will cause the temperature in your home to vary drastically. Typically the unit needs to be cleaned and serviced to restore normal function.

A Spike In Your Utility Bill

Your furnace accounts for the majority of your home’s energy use in the winter. So when you see a sudden spike in the cost of your natural gas bill, it is a safe bet that your furnace is not functioning at its peak. Many small items can cause your furnace to work less efficiently. But when they all occur at the same time, your monthly bill can skyrocket. Typically, it is a combination of dust, dirt, and lack of minor adjustments that all work against your furnace and cost you a substantial amount of money in wasted energy. Like a tune-up for your car, a furnace tune-up will ensure that it operates as energy-efficiently as possible to keep you warm without massive utility bills.

Does The Pilot Light Look Yellow?

A yellow pilot light is a sure indication of a lack of energy efficiency. When your furnace is operating at its peak and making the most heat for every dollar you spend on gas; the pilot flame is blue. If you notice that the flame is a bright, cheery yellow or orange, know that you are wasting gas and money.

When you notice any of these signs from your furnace, these cried for help, call (417) 345-3192. The HVAC experts at Upland Servicing will get your furnace tunes up and your gas bill back down to a more reasonable amount.