Tips To Help Your Furnace Heat Your Home More Efficiently

Tips To Help Your Furnace Heat Your Home More Efficiently

You count on your furnace to keep your home warm and comfortable in the winter months. But did you know that you can have a considerable impact on how well your furnace is doing its job? There are many ways that homeowners in Joplin can help their furnaces to function more energy-efficiently. And in many cases, these simple tips will also reduce the furnace’s workload, which is sure to increase its life expectancy.

Check And Replace The Air Filter As Needed

Many furnace manufacturers recommend that you replace the air filter in the unit every three months. But that is very much a generalization that could be costing you much money every winter. No one knows how much dust is in your home or the air around it. So you could significantly benefit from replacing the HVAC filters every month. The only way to know for sure is to inspect the filter each month and replace them as needed.

A dust-free air filter will allow air to flow more easily into the furnace and reduce the workload of the fan and furnace. In addition, it will ensure that the filter is cleaning the air at peak efficiency to minimize dust in the furnace and throughout your home. This simple task will save wear and tear on your furnace and decrease the energy it is using to heat your home. And both of these benefits will save you money.

Get With The Program

Installing a programmable thermostat is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of your heating budget. These cost-effective units will almost always pay for themselves in a single winter as they maximize your heating dollars when you are in the house and save when you are away or asleep. In addition, the most effective programs allow you to set a schedule for weekdays and a different one for weekends to accommodate work and school schedules.

The program maintains a set temperature when you are at home to ensure that you are always warm and comfortable. It then lowers the temperature in the house after you have gone to sleep or when you are away. You can also override the program if you will be away for a few days or take time off and be at home.

It’s All About The Registers

The registers in your home are an essential component of the heating system. And while it is nice to have ornate or decorative registers, you should know that they could be blocking about half of the warm air that should be distributed in your home. So make sure you are selecting upgraded registers that will allow for maximum airflow first and added décor value second.

It is also crucial to keep furniture, curtains, and other obstructions away from your furnace registers. They block the warm air that should be heating your room and can create a pressure imbalance in the ductwork, impacting the temperature in other parts of your home.

Don’t Overlook Your Furnace’s Health

Just like humans, your furnace should have an annual check-up. So be sure to call (417) 345-3192 to schedule your furnace inspection in the fall before cold weather arrives. A simple visit from the pros at Upland Servicing will ensure that your furnace is ready to keep your home warm all winter. And if there are any potential concerns, you can address them before you are faced with an emergency to prevent frozen pipes in your home or other damage due to extreme cold. This simple call today can save you much stress and worry on a cold winter night.